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Meet the Crew

Who We Are

Meet the people you listen to every day on Maine Internet Radio. To you, we might just be a bunch of voices, but the team behind your favorite radio shows work hard day and night in order to produce and provide the most relevant and high-quality content at all hours of the day. Take a look at our bios and feel free to drop a note - we love hearing from our fans!

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We Play It All

Alternative, 70's, 80's, Nice and Easy

Our Dj's have a wide range of experience!!

Man with Purple Shirt

Axel Ives


DJ Dylan is the type of person who can only do one thing, but does it better than everyone else. Axel lives and breathes music. Get in touch in order to learn a thing or two about the industry. On from 5-9 Eastern time on The Alternative Wave

Girl with Grey Tshirt

Zoey-Anne Ireland

Radio Host

It takes talent to know talent, and Zoey understands that better than anyone. Want to find out more about this individual? Learn more about their great work as a Radio Host.

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