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Six Unique Maine-Based Internet Radio Stations

Local Radio Without the Radio

Six Unique Maine-Based Internet Radio Stations

Host: Brian Nadeau

“Nice & Easy” radio owner Brian Nadeau got an itch for radio in 1974 at age 7. His Mom, Beverly, worked in sales for WLBZ Radio at that time. Brian asked to go into the station control room to watch what the announcers did. She and they said okay, as long as Brian remained quiet as a mouse!

After watching DJ Don Clarke and Mike McCarty, Brian was hooked for life on radio’s magic. In 1976, a new station, owned by Jim Goff, appeared on the FM dial, “FM 93, WPBC.” Listeners knew it as “Nice & Easy FM-93” when the announcers keyed the mic.

Brian’s parents and grandparents listened to this station obsessively. Brian was attached to its softer approach to background relaxation music. Eventually, in 1988, Nadeau became a weekend announcer for the station. At that time, full-time DJs Jay Lundstrom and Kimberly Lyons (Wildes) added to the station’s beautiful and classy sounds, along with late talents Eddie Owen and John Supranovich.

Now, we present “Nice & Easy” internet radio. It’s Brian’s new tribute station. He felt Eastern Maine had enough previous loyal listeners to try and bring that style back to them and others longing for something therapeutic and nostalgic. Loving remembrance of yesterday.

We hope you can enjoy a piece of radio history, which will feature a few of the previous DJs, still with us, including owner Jim Goff! Please tune in for something different and beautiful from our past. It will definitely take many of us back in time! Thanks for your support.

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