Lots of great programming and new features are in store for you in the new year, which is our 10th anniversary year! We will be announcing an anniversary gathering for this summer once we all thaw out from the winter.

One of those new features makes it easier than ever to connect to your favorite Maine Internet Radio station. Live 365 is now an app on Roku. If you have a Roku ready TV or have the plug in device, all you do is search for Live 365 and add the app to your menu. It’s the same process you use for any Live 365 app, from there to choose us.

Just search for Mainely, and you will see the “Mainely” stations…70’s, 80’s and Alternative. Search Cheese for Cheese Radio; nice for Nice and Easy or Wreaths for Wreaths Across America Radio. We are all there! Stations across the country are reporting a big uptick in their listeners since the Roku app was released just before Christmas. Try it and let us know you did!

Have you heard A Breath of Fresh Air? If not, you are really missing out on an outstanding program. Produced by Sandy Kaye, this hour long show features songs and interviews with some of rock’s biggest legendary acts. It’s on every Saturday morning at 7 on Mainely 70’s! Make sure to set a reminder on your favorite device and listen on in for a real treat!

During these long winter days, we sometimes forget how much we depend on reliable and accurate weather forecasting. Maine Internet Radio feels we have the best in the business on our airwaves. Meteorologist Steve McKay is the most accurate and best known weathermen in the state of Maine. We all remember him from Channel 2 days way back when and now you can see him on WABI-TV from time to time. Steve is here daily with the info you need before you head out the door.

Did you know that every Saturday, for the entire day, we chill out on Cheese Radio. Cheese and Chill is not a day of down tempo ballads, but a coffee house style day of Acoustic, unplugged, stripped down, or mellow mood tracks from artists you know and love, to independent artists from right here in Maine. Friday Morning during the 8 a.m. (eastern), Cheese radio gives you a “taste” of Cheese and Chill to get your primed for the daylong event. Listen every Saturday to Cheese Radio, put your feet up and chill, with Maine Internet Radio.

That’s the update for now! Make sure to tune in any opportunity you can and let us know you are out there. Like our Maine Internet Radio Facebook pages, too.

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