Welcome to our new website!

It has been literally years in the making from the concept to the design. Our web team at Links Online has been great to work with in getting our message and look together. The old website was functional but needed to be updated to bring in more features. As the owner, I recognized that early on in 2017, but there were a lot of other issues to attend to before getting to a full web redesign.

I also realized I had better hire a professional to get the work done, as I am no web designer! We first met with Links in late winter 2019 and throughout have been in communication to bring the new website to fruition. We hope you enjoy some of the new features and learn a bit more about Maine Internet Radio and the people who power it!

Since our original meeting, we have added two new stations! Cheese Radio with Bill DaButler went live in April and Mainely ’70s in May! They are really helping round out our mix of music and personalities, as we strive to bring you something that you cannot hear on our local airwaves here in Maine. We continue to grow and add new material, features, and voices. We may be also adding another station or two before too long, so stay tuned.

If you haven’t done so already, you can like us on our Facebook page. Also, make sure to request any songs or artists you haven’t heard on our stations. We’d love to hear from you any time. Download the Live 365 app and take us anywhere. Once downloaded, you can do a search for “Mainely” (note the spelling).

Up will pop three of our stations! Save them all as favorites. Then search for Cheese (Cheese Radio) and Sports Chowdah. Do the same and save as favorites. Wreaths Across America Radio actually has its own app, so you can go to your app store and do a search for them directly!

Remember, you can take us everywhere you go on any device. Use your Bluetooth connection for your car and crank us up! It’s summertime in Maine. Even though things are quite different this year, music and the personalities behind the music will definitely brighten your mood and help you get through the stressful times!

More next week, including a closer look into how a station is programmed and what goes into the decision-making process of what the sound should be. Have a great week and make sure to tell everybody about our new website.

We are so proud!

Kimball Mitchell
Maine Internet Radio

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