It’s been another great summer week here in Maine, with warm temperatures and lots of activities behind the scenes here at Maine Internet Radio. We have been busy adding new features, refining formats, getting new music into our stations, and basically having fun doing radio!

Our new sponsor Forest Ridge Campground  joins us for the summer! We thank them for their support in helping another local business. Make sure to check out their website and book your spot. They are located in Ellsworth, with easy access to Acadia and Downeast Maine! www.forestridgecampground.com Please tell them you heard about them on Maine Internet Radio!

Brian Nadeau, the host of Nice and Easy, is rejuvenated after his weeklong lakeside vacation, catching lots of fish! The response to the new station has been extremely positive.

Brian shared on his Facebook page:

“My heart is full. Apparently, my station is doing well according to the administrator of the platform. Amazing numbers of people so far I just heard yesterday, mostly seniors, my target, are listening for long periods of time. I had a hunch that if I ever tried to bring back their music, it would stick, and it has grown since it hit the internet waves. Well worth the time and investment no matter what happens. I especially love a couple in Pennsylvania, who converse with me often, messaging me via Messenger to tell me how much they are loving it.”

Today, I put 40 more manually loaded selections in, as I’ll add every week to the library of hand-selected beautiful music. It’s needed in these times. I wouldn’t be surprised if some in a younger demographic tune in for a peaceful break now and then too. You never know!

I’m proud to have the former voices of WPBC helping me out. Kimberley Lyons, Jay Lundstrom, and former owner, James Goff. Hearing their voices in some of the breaks gives me chills as I go back to my teenage and early adult years when I listened to them. I just wish Eddie Owen were still around. Rest his soul, and what a voice he had!

I vividly remember when I started as an announcer on weekends at the original “Nice and Easy FM 93.” I’d see Eddie now and then, smoking his pipe, and asking “How is your Mom doing?” They also worked together at a station Eddie used to be program director for.

Knowing this historic sound is gaining such nice feedback, I will keep it going for hopefully a long time to come. Now and then, I hope to go live on occasion, along with any alumni of WPBC.

For now, I just keep adding material for our special, 60+, and any other group wanting to “tune in.” I’m also delighted to have our first sponsor, a campground in Ellsworth. As they told me my format lined up with their target demo, and that they were enjoying listening.

Finally, I’m kind of back in radio, a long-time wish come true as I missed it so. It was time to make a special demographic happy again too. Long overdue in our market, and beyond. Thanks again to ALL who have been so supportive.

Make sure to check out “Nice and Easy” for a great blend of relaxing music. It’s just the tonic when life seems to get crazy and you just need a break. Well, it’s the 4th of July week, hard to believe. I hope each of you has a good holiday!


Kimball Mitchell
Maine Internet Radio

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