June! Graduations! Celebrations!

June! Graduations! Father’s Day Celebrations! Weddings! Summer Begins! Yes, it’s easy to be caught up in the celebrations of summer. Especially this year with the loosening of COVID restrictions. There is much that you want to do and so much to do! A Common Thread in Your Day is Music! From the time you get … Continued

First Week of June

It’s June! Time to crank up the tunes outside. Remember, you can take any station from the Maine Internet Radio network on your device this June. Go to MaineInternetRadio.com. Click on the station. Then, click on “Listen Now.” You can also access Mainely 70’s by going directly to Mainely70s.com. The same with Nice & Easy … Continued

Late Spring Update 5-27-21

Hi, Steve G. from Mainely 70’s here. All right, if you look at the title of our previous blog, you see that it was the first blog of 2021. We were so proud. Look at us! We did a blog! What Happened? In short, life. All of us at Maine Internet Radio have focused on … Continued

Our First Blog of 2021!

So far, so good in January 2021. It looks like our listenership is up on several of our stations. We are still in the process of populating our YouTube page and will be releasing that within a few weeks. Many of you have turned to Mainely ’80s as your station of choice as we have … Continued

Maine Internet Radio Blog for December 4, 2020

Hello, It’s Steve G. from Mainely ’70s, and Mainely 80’s back at you this week to finish what I started. Last week, I talked about three of the stations here at Maine Internet Radio. This week, we’ll check in on the other four. First, I’ll remind you again to check out the Maine Internet Radio … Continued

Maine Internet Radio Blog for November 27, 2020

Hey there, Steve G. from Mainely ’70s and Mainely ’80s sneaking into the world of Kim’s blog. It’s been busy at Maine Internet Radio recently. Which is the way we like it! Here are some things going on behind the scenes we want you to know about. First, the holiday shopping season is upon us. … Continued

Maine Internet Radio Blog for Week of September 2, 2020

How is it possible that September is already here? That was a quick summer! It always is here in Maine. Busy bees here behind the scene at MIR have added a couple of new sponsors. We have been working on new programming and ideas for promotion. First of all, you know that we cannot survive … Continued

Maine Internet Radio Blog for Week of July 27, 2020

Dog days of summer are upon us! One of my favorite meteorologists, other than Steve McKay of course, is Matt Devitt from WINK-TV in Fort Myers, Florida. He refers to the weather conditions we are experiencing here in Maine in recent days as “air you can wear.” Don’t worry, Mainers, it doesn’t last long. Unlike … Continued

Maine Internet Radio Blog for Week of July 17, 2020

Well, it’s mid-July and summer is in full tilt. We are so glad that Steve McKay is with us to keep an eye on the sky and let us all know when the weather could turn bad. He is on every hour through the weekday schedules on many of our stations. It’s great to have … Continued

Maine Internet Radio Blog for Week of July 6, 2020

Hope your Fourth of July holiday was enjoyable. We are headed to the heart of summer here in our neck of the woods. Everything is looking good ahead for Maine Internet Radio. All seven streams are sounding great these days. We are adding new businesses that are providing sponsorship for a fraction of the price … Continued

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