Well, it’s mid-July and summer is in full tilt. We are so glad that Steve McKay is with us to keep an eye on the sky and let us all know when the weather could turn bad. He is on every hour through the weekday schedules on many of our stations. It’s great to have a well-known and respected meteorologist on our team. He is a real pro.

We have had quite a month here at Maine Internet Radio. Steve G. is still busy adding more songs to the Mainely 70’s playlist. I continue to add to Mainely Alternative as well.

Also, news about that, we will be re-branding the channel name in the next few weeks, to reflect more of what the channel is doing. The music will still be alternative and songs that you may not have heard in a long time, if ever. We are focusing, as always, on new releases.

What is going to be different is that we are going to be delving more deeply into the albums and CDs originals back through the ’70s to the early 2000s. The library of the original material here is very extensive on albums and CDs. We want to present lots of cuts that never get played or mostly overlooked. You can thank good old Steve G. for inspiring me to dig deep. There is so much music, it’s hard to wrap your head around.

We’re bringing back the Coastal Cafe for early risers 5 – 7 am daily. It’s a blend of coffeehouse music designed to wake you up gently. I still host Mainely Alternative weekdays beginning at 9 am. The station has a bit more of an edge in the evenings and overnight by design. Cori and the Alt Vault rocks overnight.

Also, Brian Nadeau of Nice and Easy has helped me acquire a vintage radio board for our Bangor studio! It’s an Autogram ace maker eight-channel board in mint shape and sounds fantastic. There’s nothing like the sound of analog.

The board has been well taken care of and has been restored. The setup process is complete. I’m planning a weekly live show with more to come

Look also for many new features and local interviews coming up. We also want to showcase more Maine, local, and regional musicians. If you are interested, just let us know!

New DJ Alert!

Ken Phillips has joined us for weekend afternoons on Mainely ’80s from Noon to 3 pm! Ken has the radio bug and has worked in the past for WMME in Augusta, also known as 92 Moose. He also did a blues show for us a few years back. Make sure to check out Ken and his excellent sense of humor.

We are working behind the scenes always to improve our stations. Drop us a line on the contact page. Let us know how we are doing and if there is something we could do better.

Kimball Mitchell
Maine Internet Radio

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