Hello all. Steve G. from Mainely 70’s here. Maine Internet Radio isn’t a huge broadcasting conglomerate. We’re several individuals who have a passion for radio and music. It’s all tied together thanks to Kim Mitchell the owner of MaineInternetRadio.com

I met Kim 33 years ago. I was in the first group of volunteers at community station WERU-FM in Blue Hill. Kim was both a volunteer and a Board Member. I knew of him from his previous radio work and knew he was active in Bangor broadcasting. Although we weren’t best buds or anything, we had a healthy respect for what the other did. Fast forward to 2019 and Kim asked me if I’d be interested in doing a daily shift on Mainely 80’s. I said yes and now I have my own station.

Radio is so different than when we met in 1988. Anyone can do it from their home if they have a proper setup and an adequate internet connection. I’m lucky that my connection is very decent down here in Sedgwick. It is through Consolidated Communications and believe me, I spent a lot of time on the phone “demanding” that I got the upload speed that I needed and that I was paying for. It was all worth it.

Kim broadcasts from Bangor. Brian Nadeau of Nice and Easy broadcasts from his work studio in Brewer. Bill DaButler broadcasts Cheese Radio from the greater Ellsworth area in what I’m convinced is a home that is yellow and has Swiss holes. Wreaths Across America broadcasts from their home in Washington County.

The equipment that we all use varies. Most everyone has radio boards that put all elements of the studio together and then goes into a computer. Me? I’m probably the least with the technology. I have a microphone and stand. The cable is USB and runs into the computer. The computer I use is a HP desktop with a 1TB drive. All the music is on it. Plus a couple of programs that make up the playlist and plays all the elements. I use a free program called Audacity to record my voice and that goes right into the program that plays everything. I’m very happy with how it all sounds.

So yes the delivery system is somewhat different than when Kim and I met in ’88. It has made it so that those of us who have this passion, and that’s what it is PASSION, can start, develop and run the radio station of our dreams! But we don’t only do it for our own satisfaction. We want to broadcast to you, the state and yes the world with formats and deep libraries that the majority of most stations either over-the-air and online don’t bother with.

So the next time you are listening to a Maine Internet Radio station, remember that we are just radio nerds and music geeks wanting to share our passion with you.


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