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Six Unique Maine-Based Internet Radio Stations

Local Radio Without the Radio

Six Unique Maine-Based Internet Radio Stations

Here’s your chance to be part of one of Maine’s most innovative creative media companies!

$995 – Wreaths Across America Package

Now includes underwriting sponsorship for 6 months on Wreaths Across America Radio, plus 4 ads per day on the other commercial stations of Maine Internet Radio.

Website presence, Underwriting on-air reaching thousands of listeners in Maine and nationally. National distribution on IHeart Radio app!

Option: Add $100 for professional sponsorship announcement and advertising production.

$895 – Standard Advertising Package

4 ads per day on all commercial stations of Maine Internet Radio for 6 months.

Website presence, social media posts, on air mentions and features.

Option: Add $100 for professional advertising production.


Maine Internet Radio has only two commercial breaks per hour. Your message will stand out and not get buried in the middle of a long cluster of ads. Our audience knows the importance of supporting local businesses and we value the opportunity to have you aboard to spread your message to them..


You can customize your message to exactly what will get you the most listener interaction. We can get your message out precisely the way you want. Our experienced programmers can take your message to the next level by personalizing it and speaking directly to your customers.


No voodoo ratings or mystery impressions. We can measure our listenership. We know exactly how many listeners we have every day, week, and month.


We provide free banner ads for your business on both our Facebook pages and our website for more exposure. We also will work with you on special events, remotes, interviews, and other ways to promote your business throughout your sponsorship contract!

Monthly and Weekly Packages available at $200/month or $50/week. Optionally, add a $100 one-time fee for professional ad production.

Our Sponsors

Please support these local businesses and let them know you heard them on Maine Internet Radio! Without them, we could not be here.

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